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The Triumph Bonneville has a nice ride…and a lost GoPro

The Versys and Bonneville gear up for the ride...

The Versys and Bonneville gear up for the ride…

Scott had gotten the 1973 Triumph Bonneville ready for a longer ride, after rebuilding the top-end, and testing out on local rides throughout the city.  New overbore, rings, valves, valve guides and a whole lot more went into this refurb, and it was finally time to get it out on the open road for some fun… » Read more..

Tweaking and retweaking: the Triumph Bonneville heads to the highway

Scott buttons up the Triumph Bonneville

Scott buttons up the Triumph Bonneville

Over the past week, Scott has been tweaking the 1973 Triumph Bonneville, figuring out what was causing his high idle issues, and the [more than normal] oil leaks on the engine.  Well, after a couple weeks of riding it locally, it’s ready for her first highway voyage… » Read more..

The Triumph Bonneville 750’s Maiden Voyage…

Scott's 1973 Triumph Bonneville

Tinkering and testing, tuning and teasing, the typical lead-up to a vintage Triumph Bonneville‘s maiden voyage.  The engine had been turned over a few days before, leaving just a few more things to be sorted out.  But with that first firing of the rebuilt top-end, the confidence was there to create some excitement around the garage…  » Read more..

The Triumph Roars to Life!

Triumph engine back together...

It finally happened.  After a couple years of messing around, boring, greasing, fixing and fixating – the 1973 Triumph Bonneville jumped to life yesterday, with a resounding roar.  We can’t wait to see Scott ride off into the sunset (or at least down the liter strewn Brooklyn street!) on this beautiful Bonneville… » Read more..

1973 Triumph top-end rebuild…

Brand New Pistons!

MotoPreserve member and survivor of the great 2011 MP tour of the south, Scott, has made some great strides in getting his 1973 Triumph Bonneville back together. After finding out that he needed the cylinders rebored, and some help from Hugh at 6th Street Specials (Hugh seems to be SO old-school, that he doesn’t have a web site I can link to here), Scott was back on track to get this top-end buttoned up….

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