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Velocity Moto Show Coverage: Completely Wrong!

Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Yes, that is actually a Honda....

We were happy to see that the Velocity Moto Show over at Works Engineering got some press coverage, but then after reading the article on Courier’s Life: Brooklyn Daily, realized that the author may have written it without actually attending the show…  In fact, I was not able to attend the show, and still have a better idea of what happened here, than they stated in the coverage.  Even the photo captions were off!  Let’s just go with the “any press is good press,” and hope that it helps promote the show for next year.  Maybe the author can actually attend next time…

Velocity: Brooklyn Moto Show Recap Video

Unfortunately, I missed the Velocity Moto Show this year, but NYCvinmoto member Richard was kind enough to upload a video recap of the event.  Looks like I missed some seriously sweet bikes.  Next year…

Last chance! Get on over to Velocity


Today is the big Moto show in Williamsburg. Get your ass on over to North 14th street, rain or shine. Beer, BBQ, and a ton of bikes and good people.

I can’t believe I’m missing this one. It promises to be a blast!

NYC's Largest Exhibit of Vintage Motorcycles!

New York’s 8th annual Vintage Motorcycle Exhibition will be taking place Saturday, August 21st.  They have a new website up, with all the info you need.  Admission if free to everyone!  Check it out HERE:

Come check out all the cool vintage bikes.

Vintage Moto Show in Williamsburg

The 8th annual New York City Vintage Motorcycle Show,  will take place on August 21, right here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Hosted by local moto mechanic shop, Works Engineering, their block on North 14th street will be packed with various vintage scoots.  Put it in your calendars folks, it promises to be a must see event.  More detail to come…