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Yamaha FZR 600 goes to a proud, new owner…

A proud, new owner for the Yamaha FZR 600

A proud, new owner for the Yamaha FZR 600

After pouring a ton of love and energy into the 1993 Yamaha FZR 600, it was finally time for her to go.  The new bike means less space in the garage, so it was time to look for a new owner for the o’ gal… » Read more..

Yamaha FZR 600 Mods: Drilled Heel Guards

Stock FZR hell guard

This is a small, but easy fix for the Yamaha FZR 600.  The stock heel guards are old school, big blocks of coated aluminum, with no personality whatsoever.  I decided to use my [lack of] Adobe Illustrator skills and make a design for some drilling, to attempt to give them some personality. » Read more..

Yamaha FZR 600 Mods: Long decent into (painting) Hell…

Fanciest paint in a can...

After many days of painting, waiting, drying, repainting, and waiting again, it was finally time to apply the clear coat.  This would be the last phase of the operation, and I was amped to have this project completed.  I had my fair share of mishaps with this project, but looked forward to getting it completed.  I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel… » Read more..

Yamaha FZR 600 Mods: Front Fork Overhaul

The Yamaha FZR 600 being stripped of the front end.

Getting ready for a fork rebuild...

Rebuilding the forks is one of the best, most cost-effective upgrades that can be done to our old bikes.  Vintage motorcycles especially can benefit from fresh parts, replacing springs and oil seals that have been distorted and worn over the decades.  Although the 1993 FZR 600 is only 20 years old, the suspension (both front and rear) was horrible, and was in desperate need of some freshening up… » Read more..

Yamaha FZR 600 Mods: R6 Front Brake System Swap

This is what the Yamaha FZR 600 looked like when purchased.

The FZR in it's original state...

Since getting the 1993 Yamaha FZR 600, I have spent countless hours researching the history, personal experiences and opinions about the bike.  A couple owner’s forums have been helpful, including the FZR Online Forum, and the FZR Archive.  Both have offered invaluable insight into the workings of this particular model, and the common upgrades that make it a better ride… » Read more..