First fix…es

I finally took a break from the cleaning, building and general ‘getting the garage ready,’ to do some work on my bike. I had put off replacing the gauges and idiot light cluster until the garage was in perfect shape – but with the weather looking good, and me wanting to ride, I couldn’t resist.

Of course, this opened up a whole can of worms, having to deal with the electrical inside the headlight bucket. One thing led to another, and the next thing I know, I’m replacing all the fuse holders with water sealed contraptions for blade type fuses. I have heard countless horror stories about people having melt downs with their old school tube fuses, so this was the time to do it, before the new gauge and lights caused mayhem.

A few hours later, I had the new fuse holders installed, and set out the next day to get the new 2.5″ gauges on there. I have had an issue with the elephantiasis of the gauges and lights on this bike, since I got it last year. The first to go were the flashers, and then the tail light, and now the rest of them, except for the headlight….maybe that’s next.

I got the gauges and new indicator section from Dime City Cycles, who have been pretty damn cool to me, since I started ordering from them last year. Always quick with a tip or some help to install my purchases, I was hoping this would go smoothly, even though the indicator mount and lights are actually made for a CB450. My bike is a 1976 CB550K, and the difference between the two is that I have neutral, oil pressure, high beam and one turn signal indicator light. The CB450 apparently came with two turn signal lights. So when it was all hooked up, everything worked except for the fact that I am only getting a turn signal indication when I turn right!

I’m sure Herm at Dime City will get back to me with an easy fix (fingers crossed). Already I am digging the look of the new gauges, and the LED lights that came with the mount (resisters included so it doesn’t mess up these old charging systems!) are so much brighter, I was actually able to see them in the bright sunlight (at least I could when I turned right!).

Turned out there was more messing with the LEDs than I hoped. A couple diodes later, and still no luck. I finally made a last ditch effort with a jumper, and got it to work by using it the CB450 style, with two separate indicators for left and right turn signals. I’m fine with that for now, and will be enjoying the fact that the damn things work!

This completes the first real fix done at the new Moto Preserve shop.

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