$5 camera clamp mount test…

We have ridden with a few people who have the GoPro cameras and mounts.  While the pictures and video from these camera are amazing, it’s a little pricey.  So we found this video that shows how to make a DIY camera mount for your bike.  It cost under $5 for the parts (PVC, bolt, clamps), and if you have a camera (still or video), thought it might be a cool way to get some shots while riding.  We have a small Flip video camera, which is the older, standard format.  Doesn’t take the best shots, but we thought it was worth a shot.

First impression is that we need to rig up some sort of shock mount into the clamp.  The camera did a hell of a lot of bouncing.  But overall, it was pretty cool on some smooth roads.  We will be updating this mount to see if we can get it a little less shaky.  The mount safely secured the camera to the handle bars, which allowed us to keep our eyes and minds on the road.  OK, so it’s not a helmet cam, but then again, it only cost $5!

Check out this video to see how it turned out on our maiden voyage.  A quick trip up the BQE towards the GWB…

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