New cafe racer Super Site?

The folks over at Dime City Cycles have been good to me.  Although I am not yet putting a cafe bike together, they have some great products for all types of builds.   Friendly, knowledgeable, and always quick with a helping hand, when I ran into trouble installing one of their products.

Turns out they are putting a site together to create a “collective” of cafe clubs and individuals together, to help spread the word and passion for this style of motorcycle.  Looks like it could be a really cool affair, but everyone needs to chip in.  This si what they have to say:

As the garage revival continues to tighten it’s grip on the motorcycle industry and the DIY every-man-can cafe racer mentality pushes Westward (and around the globe in every other direction) the crew at Dime City Cycles thinks it’s would be a good idea if all of us came together in one place to share in the differences that make our flavors of cafe so unique and tasty in their own right.

Whether you and your brothers like piloting old Honda’s down a dry lakebed in your boxers or you prefer grabin’ a spot of tea on your Thruxton dressed in pressed in Lewis’s best, at The Ace, you’re part of this grassroots movement and you know what its all about. Twisting the throttle on barebones, stripped down vintage speed machines that allow a man to still be a man. You’re a wrench turning aficionado of all things old and fast and chances are there’s a few more of your friends hanging around that are just like you.

Our thought is, why not create one place where all the cafe racer clubs can get together to share information about their clubs (to promote membership and geographic awareness) and provide easy access, for everyone, to where all the “cafe racer” type events are being held around the globe. History about the 59 Club, features on old clubs from all over the world and the places they gathered, the possibilities are quite endless with the right mix of folks contributing.

A melting pot, if you will, of vintage appreciators sharing about their clubs, events and passions that most importantly gives new-comers a way to connect with the old guys bridging the gap and helping secure a right and true future for diy-real-deal-get-it-done-and-have-fun motorcycle culture.

Lets say you get relocated because of work; wouldn’t it be great to know that you could connect with some like minded folks as soon as the boxes are unpacked in your new town? Or, how great would it be to know that next month, when you’re traveling to LA that a local club is putting on a bike night at a local pub 10 mins from your hotel? The chance to break bread (or bones) with another group of members of this world-wide cult of speed and have a damn good time really is quite a rad thing.

Because after all, “having a good time” is why we do what we do with these old mo’chines. Isn’t it?

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