The Badger Project: The island of misfit toys meets biker buildoff…

This is a pretty great idea.  And they have decided to name it after the ornery little f%#ker, the badger.

The Badger Project is a group of enthusiast vintage bike builders put together a cafe racer, both street legal AND race worthy, and ride it to the Mid-Ohio vintage bike weekend.  There they will race the bike, and then ride it home again.  Attempting to do this build on a meager budget, and make still sure that sure that it meets the standards necessary for both street and race track riding.

The build will start with a Royal Enfield, originally built in India, and tweaked by Leon Stanley, who runs Cycle Icons, a vintage and specialty bike shop in Trenton, New Jersey.  Check out their Kickstarter Page, where you can watch their video, and help make this project a reality.

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