Honda CB 550 Carb Rebuild: UPDATE redux REDUX

Man!  I can not seem to get these carbs out of my hair.  Turns out, every other time I start her up, one carb has some leaking issues.  It turns out that one of the float needles (see photo below) is stuck, and causing the gas to continue to flow – when it should be shutting off.  Total pain in the ass!

So, once again, I will be digging in, and removing them from the bike.  If this keeps up, I will be hitting double digits, for the number of times I have removed them.  And for those of you following along, with the pods removed, and the stock air box in place, this becomes much more difficult and time-consuming.  In the photo above, the conical shape that comes off the bottom of the needle has to fit JUST right into the seat, and the one I have in carb #4 seems to be having a hard time doing that.

Today I will go back over to Moto Preserve, and despite the weather being perfect for riding, I will be back at it, getting this bike ready for what will hopefully be a nice riding vacation to Vermont in two weeks.  I still have a few more things to carry out before I go, and it now seems that the time is ticking away, with no improvements getting done other than the damn carbs….

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