Cafe Racer TV staged an attack?

Yesterday I posted about the season two premiere of Cafe Racer TV, and the opening segment, detailing the customization of a certain coveted bike.  Turns out, the brouhaha they created with Bryan Fuller’s chop of a 1969 CB750 hit a nerve, and the internet motorcycle community was buzzing, with rancor for the builder, and the show in general.  A few people came to the defense of Fuller, mostly people who have a personal relationship with him, and know and respect his talents and intentions.

The drama escalated when people started posting about their inside knowledge of this particular build, stating that many of the more egregious acts were staged for the cameras.  The most offensive seemed to be the actual “attack,” and chopping of the frame.  I have to admit, there was a certain sense of brutal bravado when Fuller’s assistant were filmed bashing away at parts that didn’t come apart easily.  But in the end, it seems that the producers of Cafe Racer TV, and not Bryan Fuller, were the ones who should be the focus of all this rage.  Apparently, they may have opted for the ratings instead of genuine builds with integrity.

As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t have any strong opinions either way.  I recognize that every builder has the right to do as he/she wishes with their bikes.  It just seemed like a cheap trick to choose to chop a bike that would have happily gone to a new home, and in turn, fund any build Fuller had in mind.  But what’s done is done, and love it or hate it, I think the episode will prove beneficial for the show.  As they say, “any press is good press.”

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