Modular Helmets with Sun Visors…safety at it’s best

AGV Modular Helmet with Sun Visor

The first helmet I bought when I got back into riding was a fairly cheap number, full-faced and plenty sturdy.  Because I was just happy to be riding again, I never gave much thought to the visor.  It came with the clear type, and although I am sure that a tinted replacement was available (for an extra fee), I stuck with the original, and wore sun glasses inside the helmet, when the weather was nice.  Most helmets offer an accessory of a sun visor, but this requires you carry an awkward visor in your bags, and to unscrew the clear, and attach the new one.

When it was time for a new helmet, I did a ton of research, and decided on a modular type.  I was hoping to be able to get my glasses on and off without  pulling them through the visor each time.  I had already lost one pair of eyeglasses this way, and wanted to avoid that mistake again.  I ended up with an AGV brand modular helmet, for a decent price, through Motorcycle Superstore (great prices on Tires too!).

The first thing I fell in love with on this helmet was the sun visor.  I am not looking to do a full review of this helmet , but rather point out that having a built-in sun visor, is priceless.  The fact that I can flip it down when the sun is out, instead of having to pull over and swap glasses, has changed my riding.  If the clouds cover the sun, a quick flip, while riding mind you, and you are exactly where you need to be.  I am ranking this feature up there with air vents.  And since neither of the helmets I have are equipped with vents that actually work to cool my head, I think the sun visor is at the top of my list, when it comes to features to look for in a helmet.

There are two types of built-in sun visors.  Ones that are inside the helmet, with a small lever on the side which activates the mechanism.  The other type is on the outside, and the AGV has this type.  This acts the same as the standard visor, allowing you to push it up and down the same way you do the clear visor.

This is something that every helmet should come with standard.  It seems the industry has moved that way, but slowly.  If you are in the market for a new helmet, make sure you get one with a flip-up sun visor.  You will not be disappointed.

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