New Chopped Fender for the Honda CB 550

Black, and oh so small...

OK.  So I may have sided with the “purists” when it came to Bryan Fuller and his chopping the beautiful 1969 Honda CB 750.  But this bike I have is not in the same league.  And anyway, I got a beater fender to practice on, and didn’t mess it up, so I still have my stock one, if I want to put the old chrome, pitted piece back on there.

I decided that with the look of the bare metal, polished tank, the bike was leaning very silver heavy.  So adding a little black back into the mix seemed like it couldn’t hurt.  I got an old front fender from a guy who was literally abandoning an old rusted out Honda CB 550, so I didn’t feel nervous when I fired up the air grinder, and threw on the cutting wheel.  Away i went, cutting the lines across the fender, sorta free-hand, and ended up with something that was worth painting and giving a try.

I finished it up with a few coats of black paint that had lying around the Moto Preserve, and then a quick clear coat for good measure…

Better Lines?

So far, I think I like it.  It balances the esthetics a bit more, and lets the front end stand on its own (the giant chrome fender was overpowering), which will look even better when the new tire is one there.

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    1. It’s been a while, but I thought I used 7.5 weight oil??? It was some fancy European type that was far too expensive. :). I’ll look around and see if I can find it.

      The feel was better overall – but based on both oil and spring changes at once, so hard to tell if just the oil would have improved it alone.

      1. I believe I finally found the fork oil I used. 7.5 Motorex. Sorry for such a long delay. Hope you made out ok with the forks.

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