Finally, a Harley "Cafe Racer" you can believe in…

Courtesy of Pipeburn

America finally has it's own cafe racer

Pipeburn has a new post on their site showcasing a pretty spectacular Harley Davidson Cafe bike.  I have seen a few other Harley builds that were done in the cafe style, but none more convincingly than the DK Motorrad build, by the German youngster Christian de Kant.  At 22 years young, this guy has been building since he was 17, and focuses mainly on ground up builds, based on old 40’s and 50’s frames.  Apparently, his love of both Harley and Cafe, has led him to begin producing bolt-on kits for Sportsters.

Interestingly, this marks a change in the move toward utilizing more modern bikes to build cafes, opposed to the typical 30+-year-old bike.  Exciting times for this style which is only getting more popular.

Could this be the beginning of the American contribution to the Cafe style custom build?  This bike is beautiful, hushing naysayers who insist that Harley remain synonymous with the chopper movement.  Wake up America, here comes the Cafe Racer…

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