The World's most popular motorcycle

...and the winner is

Most people might think Harley Davidson, or the Honda CB series.  Maybe even BMW’s line of bikes, being that they are the oldest.  But if you look at sales figures, the world’s most popular bike is the Honda Cub.  Back in 2008, Honda passed the 60 million sold mark.  That’s right, 60 MILLION!  Released in 1958, the cub was an instant hit with those looking for affordable transportation.  The bike gets upwards of 150 MPG, and the thing is indestructible.

In fact, not only is it the world’s most popular motorbike, it is the world’s most popular internal combustible engine vehicle.  Sales figures are almost double of that of its closest competitor, the Toyota Corolla.  Hats off the Soichiro Honda, the man who brought us so many hits, but none more popular that the little 49cc Cub.

Check out the video below, where Charlie Borman attempts to destroy a Honda Cub, in the name of…science?

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