News Flash! Riding outside city actually pleasant…

Was this really so hard?

One thing I noticed, again and again, while riding in Vermont, was how much more pleasant it can be to ride outside the city. 

The fact that every time I approached a construction zone, there was a large orange sign, warning motorcycles to “use caution,” was shocking!  The fact that people saw me riding toward them at an intersection, and actually waited for me to pass, instead of cutting me off, left me speechless.  Why is it that we spend our entire rides here in the city in an incredibly defensive fashion?  I know that it’s best to assume that cars do not see you, requiring us to take responsibility for THEIR responsibilities, but every now and again, it would be nice to be able to breathe a little easier, ride a little lighter, and not worry so much about the impending carelessness of automobile drivers.

I think for the sanity of all motorcycle riders from the New York (or any city!), it’s healthy to take a cruise outside the city limits, and enjoy the more peaceful roads.  I know that I will be concentrating on doing this a bit more regularly, now that i have had this experience.  It would be great if riders would drop a line to us, in a comment, about rides they have taken, that offer a little more relaxation.  Next up for me, a trip out toward the NJ/PA border, where the Delaware water Gap is.  Seems this might be a nice drive once I conquer Route 80 for the first 70 miles or so.  The roads out there are pretty amazing, with twists and turns through the farm country.

Where are you headed next?

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