MP Proj. 001 Honda CL360 Part 4: Tearing the Engine Down


I have been slowly, and CAREFULLY having a go at the engine, to get it ready for honing and the new rings.  The first step was to remove the engine from the frame, and I quickly realized that the design of the frame itself, is so much better for engine repair, than the CB350.  One of the members at Moto Preserve has a CB350, and I have helped him remove the engine several times.  The shape and layout of the frame is such that it makes it rather difficult to manipulate the engine, and finally ease it out.

I was able to get the engine out on my own, and quickly set it up on a small bike lift.  That way I could roll it outside to spray it down, after an unhealthy amount of engine degreaser.  Once that was finished, it was time to take this thing apart.  I followed both the Honda workshop manual, and the Clymer book, and methodically took the bolts and screws out, keeping them organized in zip-lock baggies.  I made sure to label them as best I could, for re-installation later.

The smaller parts, like the breather cap, came off easily.  After getting all the bolts out that hold the cylinder head, and tapping it gently with a rubber mallet, I was able to pull it up and off the engine.  This removes the piece that holds the rocker arms and valve springs (seen in photo above), exposing the pistons, which is what I ultimately need to get to.  This looked like it was going to be smooth…

Then I got to the cylinder block, and I stalled.  No tapping, slight heat or penetrating oil seemed to help.  I didn’t want to get impatient, so I left it for the night.  I have gotten some tips from some of the online forums, and it seems that I may need to pour some penetrating oil into the cylinders, to see if that can break the gasket seal between the block and the bottom end of the engine.  I also grabbed a propane torch for heating it more thoroughly.

Wish me luck….

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