MP Proj. 001 Honda CL360 Part 5: Removing the Top End


Back at the garage today, with a propane torch, and a burning desire (pun intended) to remove the cylinder block.  I have a decent amount of patience, but now that I am so close to getting this engine apart, I am getting slightly impatient.

A quick shot of the heat, on both sides of the block, and a little leverage with a long screwdriver, and the gasket made some cracking noises.  Good cracking noises, not the kind you worry just washed the project down the drain.  That was all it took, and I was able to pull the block up over the cam chain, and off the engine cases.  Victory!

Next stop, removing the pistons from the arms of the crankshaft.  The pistons are held in place by a pin, and that pin is secured with an open clip.  It was advised to to have something covering the entrance to the lower cases, in case the clip fell, you wouldn’t need to split the cases to fish it out.  I have no idea why something like the Brake Master Cylinder would have a very annoying circlip, and this pin securing the piston, would not.  But a slight pull with needle nose pliers, and the clip was out.  I then used a wood dowel to push the pin free from the piston.

Cylinder block off, check.  Pistons removed, check.  Time to take a look inside the cylinders and see if there is any scoring that would need re-boring.  That would be very costly, and something I am really not willing to accept, so it was good to see the inside is clear of any odd scratches or marks.  I will take a closer look at it tomorrow, but for now, I am relieved.  The sides of the pistons seem decent, but I will get a second opinion about that.

Before the pistons were off the crankshaft, I immediately noticed that the top ring, on both pistons, was in two halves.  I am not sure that this is correct (because even the piston that had good compression had a split ring), but hoping this is the issue with the bad compression cylinder.  While removing the rings from the one piston, trying to be gentle, I cracked the second and third ring as well.  The rings came off fine, from the other piston, and I have 2 replacement pistons and rings on their way, so I should be fine.

A short, but good day for the CL360 project…

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