MP Proj. 001 Honda CL360 Part 8: Piston Cleaning

Pistons Before & After

With the appointment to meet my friend, to help me hone the cylinders today, I figured I would take a little time to clean the pistons up. I had made a snap decision, which turned out to be a bad one, purchasing a set of used pistons and rings from eBay.  Everyone then told me that it was definitely better going with a new set of rings, and that the pistons I already have should be fine.  Lesson learned.  I will turn around and try to flip the pistons back on eBay.

So, best to get these current ones clean.  I had asked around, and done some online research, only to find that no “magic spray” cleaner exists for getting carbon off the pistons and valves.  Somewhat shocking really, considering there is a specialty spray for almost everything, including ‘snake oils’ that don’t actually work for anything.  Best advice was to get some Simple Green and a wire brush, and start scrubbing….and scrubbing.  I made sure to use a brass wire brush, knowing that it would be softer than the piston metal.  I toiled away for about 30 minutes on the first one.  The only thing that still concerns me is the trenches that the rings sit in, which the wire brush did not get into very well.  There is still discoloration and possible build-up in there, so I will need to figure out a good way to clear those ring seats.  This is where a magic spray would come in handy…


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