MP Proj. 001 Honda CL360 Part 9: Cylinder Honing

3 stone hone

I was lucky enough to have a friend with a 3 stone cylinder hone tool, offer to lend a hand with the build, and get the cylinders up to snuff.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the actual process, but suffice to say, it’s as simple as attaching this thing to a drill, and running it through the cylinder.  Ideally, you would do an equal number of passes in each cylinder, making sure not to overdo it.  You only want to get the glaze out, that has built up over the years, and develop a “cross-hatch” pattern.  This pattern is a very tiny peaks and valley system of grooves, allowing the oil to be trapped in the cylinder wall, in essence, creating a way for the piston to hydroplane on the surface.

The 3 stone hone is the old school type, and can be used in cylinder of different sizes.  The stones are attached to a spring, which puts a small amount on tension on the stones pushing against the cylinder wall.  Although I have seen newer types that are a handle will a bunch of small balls on the end – those are made specifically for one size cylinder, and the cost is nearly double.  I think I will do some light sanding, treat the cylinder walls with some oil, and move on.

This done, it is now time to get the new rings in the pistons, and check the gaps.  The tolerances are very small, but the feeler gauges used for valve tappet adjustment should be fine for this measurement.  It’s always mind-blowing to me to be dealing in tolerances of hundreds of an inch!

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