MP Proj. 001 Honda CL 360 Part 10: Valve Removal

Oh joy, to have the right tool for the job.  Can’t say enough about that.  I’m going to need them for this Honda CL 360

I have read several articles online about making a homemade tool, made of C Clamps, to allow you to remove the valve springs, which will release the valve for cleaning and lapping.  But these tools, while ingenious, are a little shaky, and it seems to me the valves are important enough to call for the right tool.  Thankfully, MotoPreserve member Scott (the other Scott, or maybe I’m the OTHER Scott!) had one on hand, for me to use.

Slapped the “stay” on the valve spring side, tightened it down, and Voila!  There are some small retainers that keep this all in place, and with a little prod from a screw driver, they came right out.  This means I can now spend some more time at the sink, scrubbing carbon again.  Oddly,despite it being a pain in the ass, there is a certain sense of satisfaction from doing these cleaning exercises.  You get to see the results at the end of the job.  It’s either clean or it’s not.  A job well done….or not.

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