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One of the most frustrating things about refreshing one of these vintage motorcycles, is the fact that used parts can often be mislabeled on eBay.  Since you are dealing with sellers who may not have intimate knowledge of the specific bike you are working on, they may list items being appropriate for multiple bikes.  Often, you find out that a part listed as working for your bike, is not quite right, and then you are stuck returning it, or trying to sell it off again.  The other problem is that you may be searching using only your model number, while there are multiple models that used the same part. Either way, big pain in the ass, especially if the part is holding up the rebuild.

That’s where comes in.  Although many online stores have parts fiche for all the old bikes, this one is different, in that it allows you to cross reference other bikes that use the same part.  This is particularly helpful if like me, you have a model that was only made for 2 years.  That leaves the parts well dry, and can become frustrating.  But then you visit MotoGrid, and realize that certain parts were used on many bikes, because manufacturers didn’t want to recast common parts.  It obviously saved them money to reuse casts, and this can be priceless, when you realize the part you need for your rare bike, might pop up on eBay, under the heading for a totally different model.

Find the specific part…

The way Motogrid works is you find your model in the OEM section.  Then choose the section of the parts fiche your part is in.  Once you find the exact part, copy the ID number of the part, hit the back button, and paste it into the right hand column under “part number.”  Once the part pops up, choose “Select Model” in the upper right of the window, and all the models which used that same part are listed.  In the example below, there are 144 models that used the part, opening the search for a used part far wider than the mere 2 years that my bike was made.

Plenty to choose from…

This has helped tremendously, and allowed me to find certain items that would have been expensive, if not impossible, if only searching using my specific motorcycle.

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