MP Proj. 001 Honda CL 360 Part 11: Valve Cleaning

Exhaust-Side Valve on the Honda CL 360

Exhaust-Side Valve on the Honda CL 360

Finally got around to cleaning the valves on the Honda CL 360.  While I hoped it would go just like the piston heads, the carbon build-up on these valves was thick, and the valves themselves are awkward to clean.  I soaked them in Mineral Spirits, hoping to loosen the carbon, but that didn’t seem to do much.  So I went at them with a brass wire brush, and some Simple Green.  That helped a bit, but it took a lot more elbow grease than cleaning product, to finally get the build-up off the damn things.

When I got down under the carbon, I noticed some other type of crap on the exhaust side valves.  Nervous that I was removing some layer that was supposed to remain on there, I stopped.  Posted a question on SOHC forum, and the responses seemed to indicate that it may be Lead build-up from the 70’s gas!  Good grief!

This has been one of the most tedious, and thankless jobs of a rebuild I have done.  The amount of time I have spent scraping and scrubbing these things is ridiculous.  Hoping to find a better process, since it feels as if all the momentum is stalled, and I am anxious to move on to more exciting things.

I know this all part of the process, and that I should be more patient.  But man!  This is one hell of a boring part of rebuilding a vintage motorcycle…

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