MP Proj. 001 Honda CL 360 Part 12: Is this what we’re breathing???

Valves Before & After

After hours of scrubbing, scraping and willing the carbon off the valves of this Honda CL 360, I finally got them where I think they are about as clean as I can get them.  The Lead build-up was a bitch, but finally came off with some help from a brass wire brush attached to the drill.  The before and after shots make it pretty obvious what 35 years of combustion will do to metal.  The scary part…is this a condensed version of what we are breathing everyday?  This carbon was caked on, and the more I scrubbed the more I kept thinking “I need to quit smoking!”

Combustion Chamber Before & After

Next up was the head section containing the combustion chamber, as well as the intake and exhaust ports.  Same carbon build-up, but for some reason, a little easier to clean. I needed to be sure that I could get the surface that the valve mates to very clean, so that when I lap the valves, they make a nice seal.

The ports will be another matter, because there really isn’t a way to get good traction on the crap in there.  I will use some brass pipe-cleaner type tools, to see if I can get in there.  I still can’t believe there is not some magic snake oil for loosening up the carbon.  Seems to me there is a spray bottle with every type of fluid, promising to remove, clean and polish all sorts of gunk.  Except carbon!  The only answer my research turned up was “elbow grease.”

The last step of this phase is making sure all the old gaskets are scraped from the surfaces, and then I will be ready to install the pistons and valves.  I am borrowing a ring compressor, since it seems that it makes the job MUCH easier.  After all this scrubbing, I’m down with easy…

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