MP Proj. 001 Honda CL 360 Part 13: More Cleaning…

Finally got some work done today on the project Honda CL 360.  Down to MotoPreserve I went, with big plans to make giant leaps forward with the build, only to be stalled with more cleaning.  I had the place to myself today, so I figured I would take the opportunity to fire up the soda blast cabinet, compressor, and make some noise. 

The process is loud, but it really gets things cleaner than scrubbing with a wire brush, so the mayhem is worth it.  Got all the engine parts in there for a nice high-powered spray of soda, and they all look better for it.  The best results were on the back-up pistons I bought (which I may turn around and sell again).

Less than 1 minute of soda blasting...

The photo shows one half of the piston clean after less than one minute under the soda gun.  It took me hours to scrub the other pistons clean.  UGH!

The top of the engine got a lot cleaner as well, not perfect, but should make for a nicer painting surface.  Looking forward to having this engine done, and painted up nice.  I think I am going for a slightly darker gray than the typical aluminum color.  Should make the black and polished parts stand out.


...and after

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