MP Proj. 001 Honda CL 360 Part 14: Carbs Dipped

Before the soda blasting....

I had previously dipped the Honda CL 360 carbs in the Berryman dip, but these Keihins were in extremely rough shape.  Time for some more drastic measures.  They were already taken apart, so I placed the main pieces (no jets) inside the blast cabinet, and went at them with some soda blasting.  This cabinet is rocking my world, and making quick work of cleaning almost anything I throw at (in) it.  A few minutes later I could tell they were already looking better, so I pulled them out, blew them off with the air compressor, and placed them back in the dip.  This way, all the soda would be dissolved, and not clog up the jet orifices.

After the soda blasting...

Arrived home to find the rebuild kits and replacement diaphragms waiting on the door step, so I will go ahead and rebuild these carbs, and hope they work well.  I had been tempted to swap them out for some brand new Mikuni carbs, but the cost factor would pull me away from the low-budget build I am going for here.  I will update with some info about the diaphragms, because the OEM versions cost $100 each, and these are made by some rubber manufacturer, and require slight modification to the carbs.

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