Bone up on Rake and Trail…

Courtesy of Spirit Chop Shop

With my plans for the new build, the Honda CL360, I have read about adjusting the height of the front and rear ends.  A friend mentioned that before doing any modifications, I should really brush up on the physics behind Rake and Trail.  This is something that is very important to the stability of the bike, so it made sense that I should understand as much as possible, before making any decisions.The photo below is a good primer on the concepts and physics behind the stance of a bike.  It shows how the stance, or Rake and Trail, effect the handling of the bike, in different situations.  This is good reading for anyone who places themselves atop a motorcycle, trusting the build the designers chose, for their safety.

Courtesy of Carbibles

I later found this link HERE: which delves into the inner workings of suspension.  Again, all good things to know as a rider, weekend mechanic, or anyone interested in the way bikes work…

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