Michiel’s BMW makes it to BikeExif

Michiel's BMW Cafe makes the big time...

Michiel’s BMW Cafe makes the big time…

Our friend Michiel, across the pond in Holland, has been honored again, having his BMW cafe racer build posted on BikeExif.. 

Although he has already had his Honda CB750 highlighted on the highly esteemed sight, BikeExif, Michiel’s BMW just made the cut as well.  It seems fitting that his bike, as well as his photography, would make it to the site.   They feature incredible bikes, shot by incredible photographers – and Michiel is both a great builder and photographer.  Perfect match!

Read the story behind his build, and check out his photography of other bikes that he finds all across Europe.


3 Replies to “Michiel’s BMW makes it to BikeExif”

  1. Rad-ass bike. That engine is so fucking weird looking…like the side of a television set or microwave with cylinders sticking out of it.

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