Abnormal Cycles Harley Cafe Racer

Courtesy of PipeBurn

A few friends have forwarded me links to the same bike, possibly because they know I have been surprised by how much I liked some of the Harley Cafe Racer Bikes I have seen recently.  I figured, if they are all looking and drooling, some other people might like to do the same.Seems there are a few folks in Italy, creating custom bikes, using non-Italian bikes as the basis for their builds.  With Ducati, Moto Guzzi and so many others at their disposal, Abnormal Cycles decided that a Harley Sportster 1200 was the way to go.   They turned this beast into a bike that can’t decide whether it’s a Street Fighter, or a Cafe Racer.  And the ambiguity is what I love most about this build.  Let’s hope they keep at it, and let the “abnormal” builds flow out of Italy…

You can read a great write-up about the bike at the PipeBurn site HERE:

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