Photos from the Road Trip…

Finally got around to checking out the photos Scott sent over.  We had some overlap, but some of the shots that he got are amazing, with scenes from Skyline Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway relative.

While I enjoyed the entire trip, nothing compared to the amazing twists and turns of our time in the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Fresh pavement, incredible vistas around every other turn, and a culture of motorcyclists out for a day on the trail.

Lonesome road...

With over 70 rest/scenic stops along the route, we could have stopped every few minutes.  But that would have taken away from the plain joy of riding, so we chose the ones that we couldn’t pass up, and took advantage of the shots we could get from there.

...if only rest stops on the NJ Turnpike could look like this!

On the second day in the park, we decided to stop for lunch at the lodge at the top of the mountain.  Little did we know that the restaurant would be reasonably priced, but have the most beautiful view of any dining establishment I have ever been to…

View from the restaurant on Skyline Drive

There were bikes everywhere along the Drive, mostly larger touring bikes such as Goldwings.  But there were a fair share of Harley’s of course.  In the entire trip through the mountains, I don’t recall seeing any other vintage bikes.

Fellow Travelers...

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