Bryan Fuller Redeems Himself…

Last we heard from Bryan Fuller, he was being slammed in the online press for chopping up a coveted, vintage Honda.  OK, I don’t think I was as harsh about the Bryan Fuller build as many people on the interwebs were, but I did find it a little weird to go hacking up a fairly sweet 1969 Sandcast CB750.  Today I stumbled upon the videos put out under the moniker of 2 Guys Garage, and they have some great clips and How-Tos.  Apparently, Fuller doesn’t only attack coveted Honda’s, they also take more “appropriate” bikes, and turn them into pieces of art…The following video shows a transformed 1977 CB550 into a lean, mean Cafe Racer machine.  The video highlights tweaking the carbs for better performance, after opening up the exhaust and installing velocity stacks.  I appreciate the time they took to focus on the need to re-jet after doing these mods.  Unfortunately, people often slap on some pods (or velocity stacks) and figure they are fine, when they need to concentrate on readjusting the amount of gas through the carbs, to balance out the increased amount of air these mods offer.

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