Adventures in Moto Photography

Awhile back I stumbled across the site BMW Cafe Blog.  The creator of the site is a talented builder and photographer named Michiel.  I emailed him to ask if I could use some of his photos, because not only were his builds inspiring, but his photographs were impressive, showing off those builds in an artistic way.  This kid can shoot a bike, no question about it!  And now he is pushing the boundaries a little, coming up with new ways of highlighting the bikes he loves…I have to say, his work on the 3 bikes that I have seen have been an inspiration to me.  I notice subtle details in the builds that convinces me think that there is more room to work within the confines of the “cafe style.”And then there are the photos.  This one gets a moody feel shooting in super low light.  I need to strap on my camera and get out there…right after I finish getting some work done on the builds…

Courtesy of BMW Cafe Blog

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