Tarantulas create a Smooth Criminal…

Courtesy of the Tarantulas

The folks up in NE Portland, OR have done it again.  These guys (and gals?), who build under the name The Tarantulas, have built some really sweet bikes, and this newest one is no exception.  Based on a Honda CB350 FOUR, the bike has been tweaked and manipulated into a smooth, 4 cylinder beauty.  The seat is killer, and adding the matching leather saddle bag is a function and fashionable coup.This build, titled the Smooth Criminal, has some really nice touches.  A new, single tach, braided brake lines and some great tires to hold it to the road.  So smooth, it looks like a fancy caffeinated drink from your favorite Barista… Seems like the new owner is having fun on this gem.  Can’t wait to see the next builds coming out of this shop.  Everything so far has been spot on, and we are sure they will be getting some much deserved recognition in the near future.

Courtesy of The Tarantulas

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  1. LOVE. I was thinking about a cream tank myself, but would definitely want a brown seat to go with it. It’s nice to see one done this nicely to compare with my imagination!

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