New 3D Doc chronicles the Isle of Man TT race

Photo by Ady Gell

The Isle of Man TT race (Tourist Trophy) is arguably the most famous in the history of motorcycle racing.  No longer part of the world Grand Prix, the race is considered by many to be the most challenging, due to the course being run through the streets of the island.  Mistakes can be disastrous, and watching racers hug the walls of the locals front yards is exhilarating.  A new film called ‘Closer to the Edge’, released on November 28th, in 3D format, will be highlighting the spectacle that is the fight for the world’s most prestigious win…The film focuses on two riders during the 2010 season, in the quest for the crown of “king of the hill.” Great quote from one of the fans…

You can’t love the death, you can’t love the loss.  But you can’t love the excitement and the thrill without knowing that that’s part of it.

With great sweeping shots of the island and it’s countryside, the documentary promises to be both beautiful and terrifying.  The teaser below shows what’s in store, and you can check out the official website HERE:

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