Wow. Just wow!

Maybe it’s me, but I have been researching, studying and falling in love with what people do to the Honda CB series bikes, for quite some time.  Seeing all these great builds and customizations causes me to look at the bike, and see what it could become, based on all the input I have had from the internet and builder friends.  But every once in a while you see a great build, based on a bike you are not familiar with, so you look it up on the internet, and are shocked!The photo below shows a stock Honda NX650.  It is a typical dual purpose bike, meant for sharing time on the road and on the dirt.  All manufacturers make several models of this style bike, but I have never seen one turned into such a great custom.

It's called a "Dominator!"

This is what a small shop, based in Barcelona, Spain did with the “Dominator.”  They made it…well, DOMINATE!  The folks over at Bike Exif busted this story wide open for me – and I have to say, I’m glad they did.  The lines on this build are amazing, but what really does it for me is where things aren’t.  The cleanliness of this bike is now so appealing to me, I want to strip everything off my bike and start from scratch…but with less!

Kiddo's version of the NX650.

So sweet!


Check out the full story HERE:

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