Photographer Bob Magill captured motorcycle's heyday..

Photographer Bob Magill worked throughout California in the 40’s and 50’s, shooting motorcycle races and culture, capturing the ‘bygone era of cool.’  It was shots by Magill that showed what the biker culture was all about, before being co-opted by Hollywood, to reveal of ‘rough and tumble’ side of the scene, that was partly manufactured to scare the unsuspecting public…

Courtesy of Selvedge Yard and Bob Magill

When you see Magill’s photos, you are reminded of a time when motorcycling, although already 50 years old, was in its infancy.  These times revealed a purist form, and a love of the function that moto enthusiasm required.  This was an age before fashion had become prevalent in the scene, and the riders rode simply because they loved the thrill and the speed.  Check out the full story by The Selvedge Yard HERE:

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