Scott Toepfer does it again…for Harley

Harley Davidson has a series of videos called The Ridebook, curated by several different filmmakers and photographers.  Seemed like a pretty cool idea, and then we saw that Scott Toepfer made a film for them – and we were sold!Scott is the photographer who made the film “It’s Better in the Wind,” which we loved.  This new piece for Harley, titled Ghost Town, shows some riders heading up to a town called Bodie, CA, which is a…well,  Ghost Town.  The scenery is amazing, and it has the feel that Toepfer nailed in his first film.  Check out the full story, complete with photos, HERE:

2 Replies to “Scott Toepfer does it again…for Harley”

  1. I’m a fan of Scott’s work and love It’s Better in the Wind, but this seems like a Harley ad to me… hasn’t got the feel of spontaneity about it, that his other work has.

    1. There is certainly a sense of ‘Harley ad’ to this one, but then again, at the heart of it, it is a Harley ad. Not too surprised by that, but happy to see that Scott was tapped for his talents, and I am sure it must be nice for him to do some commissioned work with a Harley style budget – especially when it allows him to continue to shoot bike stuff.

      It’s Better in the Wind is amazing – and this doesn’t have that same feel, but I’m hoping gigs like this help keep him making more – so we can see the progression of his work.

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