Yamaha Virago: Another bike saved from the ugly pile…

We have highlighted a Yamaha Virago on here before – an unlikely candidate for custom or cafe build.  But the folks over at Classified Moto set the stage for turning these beasts into a lovely affair.  Turns out, other builders have eyed the aging XV750 as a donor for their mad creations…

Yamaha Virago: Courtesy of Bike Exif

Yamaha Virago: Courtesy of Bike Exif

Enter Greg Hageman of Doc’s Chops, whom you may recognize from the 1st season of Cafe Racer TV.  Hagerman did his own version of a Virago for this new, 2nd season, and it looks stunning.  The bulk of the bike has been minimized, and streamlined, making for a cafe style bike that looks powerful, but nimble.  Mods to the subframe helped shore up the bike, and little touches have made this a stand-out build.  Check out the full story on Bike Exif.

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