Ducati Panigale 1199 wins "most beautiful bike" award…

There is an annual bike show in Milan, Italy that allows the visitors to take part in judging the best looking bike of the show.  The EICMA 69th International Motorcycle Show is a 6 day event, attracting almost half a million visitors.  This year, nearly 14,000 people voted to decide which scoot would take home the ‘best in show’ award among the new class of 2012.  It would be easy to think that Italians voted for an Italian bike, but then you take a look at the new Ducati Panigale, and it all becomes clear…

Courtesy of Ducati

The Panigale is the most high-tech twin-cylinder production engine made, with a monocoque chassis delivering 195hp from 164kg (361.5lb).  This bike is not f%#king around…. Perfect timing for Ducati, considering they just closed 2011 as their most successful financial season to date.

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