A South American Moto Adventure video….

Found this video, which shows a couple of guys rolling through the canyons of South America.¬† Seems like an amazing adventure. While there are plenty of trips I would love to do here in the states, this footage makes me think that the arid temperature of South America is probably perfect for this type of adventure…This is how they describe it:

Dear reader,

This is the story of Franklin and I. Two backpackers touring South America, who, in February 2011 switched to two wheels in the Chilean capital of Santiago. We rode north to Colombia through arid deserts, mountain ranges, sticky jungles and insane cities. We took on adverse weather conditions, impossible altitudes and corrupt cops all on a shoe string budget. Not that we could have even afforded a shoe string.  Santiagonorth documents our highs and our lows, our conquests and our defeats. Enjoy.


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