Is it me, or have we LOST aerodynamics?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Apparently the site is no longer available.

Found a great new site for old moto photos aptly titled “the old photo album.”  They have an impressive collection of all sorts of old photos, but I honed in on their collection of vintage moto shots.  One article especially caught my eye, depicting many action shots of Giacomo Agostini, the most winning racer in Moto Grand Prix history.

Courtesy of Old Photo Album

What struck me while looking at all these old photos of the champion rider, was that it seems these old bikes from the 60’s and 70’s had better fairing aerodynamics than the ones used today.  I know that the wind tunnel tests of the modern era most certainly produce the highest quality, and best results, but from the layman’s naked eye, this old bodywork just seems “right.”  Maybe it’s just a natural appeal of the organic curves….

Courtesy of Old Photo Album

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