Come take a ride to scenic New Jersey

The FZR in a healthy state...

Can’t say that the plan to ride out into the wilds of NJ was top of my list, but there was a nephew’s pee-wee football game to get to, so off we go.  And while we are at it, why not film the whole thing for posterity’s sake.  Problem is, the bike began to spew oil about half way there.  Aside from the oil leak (which I was never able to track down, and it hasn’t done it since), the needle fell off the speedometer, and the bike seemed to experience some electrical gremlins while riding at speed.  So the trip was cut short, for fear of ending up stranded on the side of the NJ Turnpike…

It was only the second time I had done any serious highway riding with the Yamaha FZR 600, and the difference between that and the Honda CB 550 is amazing.  The time it takes to get up to speed is not accurately depicted in the video, but suffice to say, it doesn’t take long!   All the mishaps made the decision to high-tail it back home much easier, and pulling into Brooklyn, safe and sound, was a welcome relief.

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