Eurpoean swap meets seem to have all the treasures…

Courtesy of BMWcafe

Well, it looks like Michiel from BMWcafe has done it again.  Although I love his builds, I also can’t get enough of his photography.  He has figured out how to take pictures of just about anything moto related, and make it look classic.  I even love the shots of the swap meet he went to.  Seems that swap meets across the pond have the type of things you might actually want to buy…

We have presented and reposted several of Michiel’s photos on this site, particularly ones of his own builds.  But he seems to be traveling to exotic places, and capturing the moto culture in a way that hits the lens just right.  On top of coveting his photography skills, this latest batch of photos makes us jealous of the swap meets they seem to have in Europe.  Filled with fabulous artifacts from motorcycle history, and boxes of parts that you would die for on your latest build.

Check out all the photos HERE:

Courtesy of BMWcafe

2 Replies to “Eurpoean swap meets seem to have all the treasures…”

  1. Thanks for the kind words again! This swap meet was ‘nothing’, the swap meets in Germany and England are the really impressive ones. I hope to visit a few of those coming year… I’ll bring the camera!

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