The perils of street parking…

Scooter down...

I got this shot while flying by this poor scooter, and although it’s blurry, I trust that all who ride and park their bikes in NYC know this dreadful scene.  Nothing worse than coming outside to find that your bike has been laid down by an inattentive driver, fumbling to parallel park.  I have some inventions in the works, to help make sure that my bikes will remain upright, but anything short of leaning it against a large tree, there are no guarantees. 

I ended up circling back and lifting this scooter up.  Figured it was the least I could do, and a good deed for the day.  Unfortunately, when I did, I heard something sounding like cracked plastic.  I never removed the cover to check it out, but at least there was no gas leaking all over the paint, as far as I could see.  Good luck this winter….

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