Holidays are over…Let’s get back to wrenching!

Finally, the holidays are over.  Some may be preparing for a big New Years Eve celebration, but the focus around here has returned to wrenching, and the projects we have in store for this Winter.  Some of you may ride throughout the cold months, but many of you will be hunkering down ‘to a long winters nap rebuild.’  We would love to hear from you about what projects you will be working on this season – so that we can anticipate what we will see zipping around the streets come Spring.

At MotoPreserve, we will see work done on a 1976 CB750F, 1973 Triumph Bonneville 750, 1973 CB350, 1969 CL350 and a 1975 CL360.  All of these will be in various states of disrepair, hopefully coming out the tail end of the freeze in better shape than they started.

Send us some photos….

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