Over the hills and thru the woods on a 76 horsepower sleigh…

Holiday Ride 2011

Well, it’s not the type of sleigh you envision when you think of the classic Christmas poem, but this year I headed to the family holidays on the 1993 Yamaha FZR 600.  Lately, I haven’t been messing with the GoPro Hero camera too much, but decided this might be the right time to find some good mounting spots on the FZR…Fortunately, I had the presents for the family shipped directly to my destination, so my load was light, and after strapping some gear to the passenger seat, I was ready to ride.  The temperature was about 35 degrees, but the sun was out, so the ride wasn’t too bad.  Turns out, I would be on my way toward a cache of high-quality long-johns, which would have made this part of the trip much more enjoyable.  You can read about that HERE:

Enjoy the ride…

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