The Bike Shed: a place where "dudes" congregate…

For the record, I have always used  “dude” as a non-gender specific term, and here again, I use it freely.  I came across this blog site (no idea how) and instantly fell in love with the mentality, Camaraderie and esthetic that the folks at The Bike Shed share.  A physical place for them to hang and wrench, as well as a virtual place to highlight what turns them on, this site has a bit everything we love about motos…

Courtesy of The Bike Shed

Comprised of a group of dudes who all like to work and ride bikes, some professionally, some just for fun, this is a place that we would love to visit.  With great features on builds they dig, some how-to’s, and some great builds of their own, these folks have an eye for the hot custom bike.

This is how they describe the site..

Moved by the usual apathy, disorganisation, and general “we are all individuals” issues around being a motley crew of shed-bike, cafe racer, scrambler and street-tracker riders, a bunch of us decided to combine our infrequent blogs, blags and email banter into something that might be more coherent as a whole… a group blog/glog/mag thing.

Read more about them HERE:

2 Replies to “The Bike Shed: a place where "dudes" congregate…”

    1. Our pleasure! Believe me, we can relate to the mentality and the ethos of these bikes…and the frustration they can bring 🙂 Keep up the great work. Love checking in and seeing the progress you guys are always making on the builds. We have a link to you guys up on the blogroll, so hopefully some folks will click through and find out what you all are up to.

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