Real women ride real motorcycles…


Courtesy of Deus Ex Machina

The folks over at Deus Ex Machina build some classy bikes.  No question.  Now they have taken class one step further and decided to post a blog entry with real women, riding real bikes.  Author Red Herring and I seem to agree that the most common shot of women on motos, typically clad in nothing but a fig leaf, are not what gets our hearts racing…

…however, when you find a group of women who actually ride, capture them in stunning photography, THAT gets my heart racing!

Red Herring says it best:

Like a good pair of shoes or a classy watch, I like things to be simple, elegant and somewhat timeless. which is why these images just work. These girls actually ride the bikes not just stand next to them and look good…..Buttons pressed.

Read the full story HERE:


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