Possible New Vintage Moto Show?

Courtesy of The Selvedge Yard

Came across this trailer over at The Selvedge Yard, which might bring hope to all those who have been disappointed with the lack of exposure of Vintage Motorcycles on the small screen.  The Show, titled Retro Moto,  would be about all things Vintage Moto, and is being pitched (no details about where and to whom it was being shopped) based on this trailer.  While we understand it’s easier to make a short clip look great, this show seems to have potential… 

The show would bring together vintage Brit bike restorer Matt Smith (of Quaker City Motor Works) as host, collector and racer John Lawless, and filmmaker Ed Buffman.  The clip lays out their proposed direction for the new show, ‘vintage bikes and the people who love them.’  If this thing can get off the ground, we will be very enthused!

Check out the clip below:

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