Good Grief, another (sorta) Harley Cafe Racer

Courtesy of Bike Exif

At this point, if I keep finding these cafe builds, based in some part, on Harley Davidson Motorcycles, I am going to have to completely change my outlook on the classic American “hog.” 

Featured recently on Bike Exif, this build by Brit Nick Roskelley, utilizes the engine from a 1942 military Harley, nestled into a 60’s Norton Motorcycles Featherbed frame.  this concoction is not your typical cafe racer, nor is even your typical HARLEY cafe racer.  It’s a beast all its own, and should bring smiles to anyone who enjoys builds in this style, regardless of preconceived notions about the American stalwart.

Read the rest of the article and check out more great photos HERE:

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