Mac Motorcycles: Legends from the future…

Courtesy of Mac Motorcycles

There is no question that most industries will eventually recognize the popularity of the past.  The motorcycle industry is no exception.  There have been a slew of bikes released to the marketplace, aimed at capturing the esthetic of the past, with the functionality of the present.  Unfortunately, the line between past and present is tough to straddle, and many of the models come up short, on one or both fronts…Enter Mac Motorcycles, a British company looking to succeed, where others have failed.  Founder Ellis Pitt set out to satisfy his obsession with motorcycles, with a brief that stated goals, which if met, would provide the balance between those two eras of scoots.

The Brief:

• Simple to maintain.
• Nothing surplus-to-requirements.
• Chopper and bobber references/details.
• The lines of a rigid frame but with suspension.
• Use a Buell ‘Blast’ motor and exploit its shape.
• Harley posture, flat-tracker manners, Ducati handling.

This is a tall order, but by the looks of it, they may have stumbled upon a recipe for success…

Thanks to Silodrome, for once again scooping the story…

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