International Motorcycle Show: Unaffordability ‘N Unlimited Patches…

Norton Motorcycles: Commando 961

The 2012 International Motorcycle Show came and went again this year, with an eye to the future, in a sprawl across the floor of the Jacob Javits Convention Center.  Several of the MotoPreserve family volunteered at the NYCVinMoto booth, helping spread the word about classic bikes and vintage racing…

I have been a to a few of these shows, and they always strike me as a strange blend of the manufacturers latest offerings and the physical embodiment of ‘biker’ stereotypes.  The Javits Center is crammed with the big companies latest, greatest bikes.  But interspersed throughout the floor space, booths filled with countless patches and gadgets, aimed at capturing the imagination of the die-hard biker.  I am not immune to the draw, and the shiny toys, and magic elixirs all catch my eye as I peruse the vendors.

Highlights for me this year were the newest offerings from Ducati, including the new 1199 Panigale.  This bike is nothing, if not impressive, exuding speed from every orifice.

Also, seeing the new Norton Motorcycles Commando 961 up close, and the Beef Jerky.  Unfortunately, the only thing I could afford was the Jerky, and I had to chalk the rest up to dreams for the future.  Someday…


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